Experiments with WebXR

Creating XR experiences that can run in the browser


I challenged myself to create VR experiences for WebXR using aframe.

And what better way to learn than trying to make a clone of your favourite VR app? I love Cubism VR for its minimalist, zen vibes and wanted to create a similar experience using aframe and Javascript. This is what I created over the span of a week.

Play the demo hosted on GitHub. The full code can be found in this repository.

Another trial with WebXR (with AR this time) was to use phones as a 3D controller to reach out into the page and move cubes. I modified the WebXR AR hit test demo to get the position of the phone and then streamed the data to a companion website using a WebRTC library called RTCMultiConnection. On the receiver, I read the pose values of the phone and used that to simulate a block moving around in aframe.

Technologies used: Oculus/Meta Quest 2, aframe, WebXR, WebRTC, Javascript

Ayaskant Panigrahi

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