Fun times at Meta + AWS Hackathon 2023

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My team created an AR portal shooter game!

Micheal, Rahul, Daniel and I came together to form the Reality Rebels team at the Meta + AWS Hackathon in Seattle this week. Tear your room’s walls apart with a portal & shoot targets reminiscent of Zelda BotW! We used threlte (threejs + Svelte) to create the experience. A big shoutout to Micheal Parks for his great work integrating and maintaing the XR package for threlte, which was the base for our project! He also came up with a cool soundtrack for our game, all within the hackathon timeline! While the original vision of the game included multiplayer aspects using WebRTC (which we partially got working), I had lots of fun regardless! I also got to meet with lots of talented people and learn about their experience working with WebXR and MR tech!

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