[WIP]#2 Passthrough AR - adding a watch!

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Bringing a customizable watch to AR!

I have always been a big fan of the different 3D UI explorations by UltraLeap (previously Leap Motion). One of them involving Project Northstar, the open HW/SW passthrough AR headset from Leap Motion is very special to me.

I want to create something similar, but only this time it will all be in WebXR! I am also experimenting with adding a watch that can stand in for almost any rectangular smart watch, as I am scaling a square model based on the required aspect ratio. To make this even more dynamic, I also have an attachment point in the watch’s model where I can insert any watch face!

Watch in AR three js app

Maybe in the future I will be able to make the watch face completely dynamic instead of a static image - this and many other wonderful ideas can come to life when WebXR DOM Layers spec is ready! For now I will settle with creating watch faces for my very real Amazfit band 7.

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