Exercism's Christmas Gift

Posted on Dec 25, 2023

Badge for completing programming exercises in 12 different languages throughout 2023

I was able to complete atleast 5 exercises in 12 different (types of) programming languages throughout 2023! Exercism was running the #12in23 challenge, where each month they set specific kinds of languages and exercises as themes for each month. For example, in Functional February, I got to explore functional paradigms using F#. While I wasn’t able to complete each theme in the specific months, I did a bit of a programming sprint during the winter holidays after my grad defense. My perseverance paid off and I was able to obtain the “Legendary” #12in23 badge!

Screenshot of the Exercism badge reveal

It was a fun learning experience, made more interesting by the in-depth videos every month for the specific themes. They even featured interviews with the creators(!) of the languages, from which I got to learn some of the thinking that goes into designing programming languages.

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