OzCHI 2019 Student Design Challenge

Update (Oct. 28, 2019): Our team, Team Outeraction, has been specially mentioned as being among the top 5 out of all the teams participating internationally, after three tough rounds of expert panel reviews! This year’s edition had attracted very high quality submissions, compared to the previous years.

I participated in the OzCHI 2019 Student Design Challenge as part of Team Outeraction. We came up with a system to build and maintain social capital during adverse events, with specific consideration of Mumbai floods. We had a whole of 24 hours to develop the brainstorm on the provided brief and present our solution with a short video, paper and blog showing our process. I took up the responsibility of writing the paper. You can find our entire process on the Medium blog, including the final video explanation. It was a great learning experience!

My team, Team Outeraction! OzCHI team